Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am in allot of pain and on pills that make me stupid. I had bad dreams and can't go back to sleep, just to scared and tired.
this is what I came up with. new blog. about food.

I am hanging in the best I know how.

I am also going to be forty on June 14th. all ready picked out my present, a right hand ring, for my 3rd finger (the one next to the pinky) it is heavy and pretty kinda like this (it was as similar as I could find as the ring isn't in my possession but getting sized and then it won't see it till my bday.

I like the ring as I am right handed and I am tough on my stuff. and there are no prongs to catch on things.
I am really getting okay with the big 40.
how else can I be. I am in allot of pain and it is going to be here with or without my permission. I am actually looking forward to it as a passing mile stone, for my life to get better.
I didn't find true love till 35. and no way can my life be as bad as the first 35, and if it is I will just keep my head down and plug away.
thanks for all the love everyone!

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