Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seven delectable, er deadly sins

Seven delectable, er deadly sins
Yet another meme.
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Sloth - how do you relax? buy going to the gym and floating in the private hot tub. I am also teaching myself to do the Olympic turn. I love to swim, I love water.

Gluttony - What can't you get enough of, even though it's bad for you? sugar. chocolate and food. I am fat and in pain and I have to stay away from certain things. I just love to eat, damn it!

Greed - What do you get greedy for? affection. I love to be loved.

Envy - What makes you green? things that I will never be, smart enough , thin enough the usual shit.

Lust - What does it for you? having my butt rubbed, and being in water.

Pride - What are you inordinately proud of? that I am still around and that my hard work is paying off. no one promised fair or fun, I love my life.

Wrath (Anger) - What makes you cranky? EVERYTHING!!! I am the crankopotamus, fear me!

What about you? What are your deadly sins?

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