Friday, May 28, 2010

nelly blighs and little truth... the answers!

1. I have had 2 medical marijuana cards in my life. true.~ I got mine due to the fact that I was a smoker and my ex had gotten arrested for 6/8th and 2 plants. so I got mine, then got him his. the police came back (the same ones that arrested him) later, for a noise complaint and asked if we had any pot. I told them to hold on, and went and got my card told them that not only could I posses, but grow and smoke right in front of them and there wasn't a damn thing they could do about it. they passed it around, took the smirks off of there faces and promptly left.

2. I have had a police officer put the end of his gun to my temple and tell me not to move. true~ I was a crack addict in the past. I was harbouring a fugitive the police broke down the door with the landlords help. we were smoking my ex put down the pipe and they came in. I had a hit in my hand and the officer put the end of his gun to my temple and told me not to move, the hit was in the hand facing the couch so I slipped it in the couch cushion and brought my hand up. they arrested a number of people and I talked my landlord out of evicting me. then I went and found the hit and smoked it, it was my last hit of crack ever. my ex asked me what I did with the hit and I told him that I dropped it in the couch. he tore the couch apart and never did find it.

3. I have never been in jail. false/true~ I have passed through as a 15 year old on the way to a shelter, but never stayed.

4. I have have been in the loony bin more times than I can count. true...~ OBVIOUSLY! one of my lovely visits I had a guy sitting next to me in a 2 seater couch, we were waiting to go to breakfast, he kept going "you are FAT you are so fat, you are really fat." he kept working himself up, I was 400 some odd lbs. so I reached over and touched his leg and looked at him sincerely, and told him it was contagious. he started screaming and clawing at himself. needless to say we were late for breakfast as the were trying to get him in a straight jacket. they looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders. I didn't do anything. HA!

5. I have seen the new Alice in Wonderland TEN times. false~ I have seen it twice, would like to live there.

6. I was the Madam of a whore house. true~ I was the 1/2 owner of a escort agency called 'the temporary affair', our girls were strippers from a nude bar and I did the rough tricks and ran the girls. I had a guy that like to tie people up. he had rope and handcuffs and all kinds of gear. so he is tying me up and wants to put a bag over my head, I told him that he could put a towel over my face, so he puts a hand cuff on me, I stopped him there and asked him if he had the key, he said no, so I told him to go get the key and to bring more money. he left and 5 minutes later I was out of the handcuff, I waited 40 minutes and he came back, I put the hand cuff back on, I opened the door told him to give me the money and the key. he did, I then unlocked myself, gave him (threw) all of gear back at him and told him that if I ever saw him again my ex would work him over and slammed the door in his face. quickest 250.00 I ever made.

7. I have tattoo's of 2 butterflies on my body. true~ one each above each breast. I got the first when my ex wife came up to marry me in a hand-fasting ceremony, she had a turtle on her ankle, so I put a butterfly above my right breast. the the girl I ran the house with wanted to go get her baby daddies name on her ring finger, she wanted me to go with (she was a pussy for pain) I told her I would go if she bought me a tattoo of my choice so that is how I ended up with the one on the left side. side note: the next day she broke up with baby daddy. I laughed SO hard!

I was a wild woman in my 20's and early thirties. it almost killed me. I can never imagine doing it again, and I have some really wild stories. but that was another life ago and a totally different person from who I am now. I am approaching 40 with 5+ years clean/sober. that is why I have made it to 40.
thanks for playing!


Tempo said...

Wow, what an interesting life you have led..and here was me thinking I'd had quite a few freaky experiences... I'm a pussy! (or so it seems)

Anonymous said...

As I said yesterday Adora, with you, you never know for sure.


Adorabibble said...

we all have tidbits of interest.

and ya are right ya never know with me.

Beth said...

I almost got them all! You're an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by mystery, Bibby!

Adorabibble said...