Tuesday, March 15, 2011

food for though or how I got dragged through the woods.

CT and I go for outings, allot he is in school still, he makes time for me.
he takes me to allot of my appts with dr's, and has to pick up the pieces when a Dr has destroyed me, and I am in tears.
My pain is increased as I am in flare.
what does that mean? My usual 6 or 7 is a 10 or more.
I can barely walk and when I leave the house I am in my walker full time.
my hands are not working as well as they did.
I was leaving the house today to go mail something, and I went to reach for something, and my hand didn't close around it well. after the explosion was over, a dish was in pieces and all over my front room. I had to sit down and wait for J to come help me clean it up. he thinks I am moving too fast. that is some of it, but not all of it. I have noticed it typing and trying to click out of things, thank whatever for spell check...
I am not as medicated these days. I am a very hyper person. I twitch and tweak, all the time. I am always trying to do 4 things at a time. four seemed like as good a number as any.
so I am not keeping to subject as well, and everything distracts me.
the last two days have been a series of failed attempts to get much done.
here go for a walk with me, or in my case a drag.
cause he was dragging me when I wasn't trying to catch him.

good now that I am exhausted I can go to bed.
(that was last week)

I am running a low fever and in allot of pain. I was going to write more but I am too tired.
I have another dr appt tomorrow, so I am off to bed for my 11 hours of sleep to feel half dead and nauseous!


Tempo said...

That looks like some hard walking..isnt that snow stuff soft?

Adorabibble said...

yes it is. that is why he grabbed the front of the walker where the front bar is, and dragged me.
I was dragged around the area. it was fun but really hard on my body. my left knee isn't working to well right now.
most of it is packed, think sand.

Beth said...

I hope you got that much-needed rest. Yikes! Will the snow ever melt up there? Take care of yourself, Bib! Hugs to you!

Adorabibble said...

we still have snow is places all year long. thanks for all the love!

Anonymous said...

I am trying to figure out what the little blue thing is that you're holding... That's some beautiful scenery you've got there. Hope all is well after your rest.


Adorabibble said...

the blue thing is my asthma inhaler. aint that sweet?
I am really tired and busy. it is breakup that happens before spring. so every one wants to spring clean.