Sunday, March 20, 2011

it is breakup, the predessor to spring!

where I live we are in breakup with 40 some odd degrees at this point, full sun and the mold and spores are out! this is a nasty season for allergies. that blue thing that I was holding in the last posts pictures, my asthma inhaler, lovely huh?
well speaking of breakup and spring, this is a happening around where I live.
we are getting a slight makeover here. 4 of the rooms will get new carpet and paint. that is 1/4th of the building. fortunately we have a few empty room, and can shuffle my room-mates around.
with the curtains that I made last summer and the room numbers that I painted, and the small decorating that I did, this place is a far cry from when I moved in 6 years ago.
we keep getting carpets replace or cleaned, and paint and repairs when we need it.
like a said a far cry from what it was when I moved in here. I help rent the rooms as a favor to J. he does it to keep the owner happy and we have a clean quiet safe place to live.
definitely a better class of tenant.
I do this for a better place to live.
well I have had a guy, call and call and call. 11 phone calls in 32 hours.
calling at the wrong hours. leaving me messages, and general nonsense.
like making his own appointments, and him saying "I just need an anchorage address, to make my parole officer happy."
his crimes are alcohol related, 2+ DUI's resisting arrest, property destruction, and assorted shit idiots do when they are drunk. two of the DUI's last year. needless to say he is in court ordered treatment.
we have a HUGE alcohol problem here in Alaska. what else is there to do? eat, fight, fuck and drink. I live in one of the cities Ghetto's, Fairview.
it is a run down neighbourhood that only sports one very expensive really shitty grocery store.
on the block that I am on there are 2 bars, a motel attached to one of them, where all the drug dealers live as they move from this area of town to spenard and mountain view, and back.
on the next block is the store and another liquor store, and 2 blocks down another liquor store and another bar.
you get that right?
5 places of alcohol in a 5 block radius.
around dividend time someone always dies a block from here of alcohol poisoning. every single year without fail.
we have a police substation right across the street.
yeah, right. and a crack house 100 feet from the substation. they just move from place to place.
I share the alley with the motel/bar. I watch drug deals from my kitchen window.
whoopee. we are always calling the community service patrol to come get the worst of the drunks so they can have a safe place to sleep it off, and not die of alcohol poisoning in the dark and cold. in the summer it is free for all out in the alley and street.
it is also a friendly neighbourhood, with people you see around all the time, the regulars.

I am one of those fixtures. trying to do the best I can for those around me. dealing with my block. there really isn't allot I can do most of the time. these people carry guns.
but for those in my building I can do my best. IF they are part of the solution.
slowly we make gains and try to help the building.
You do NOT come into my house and make demands of me.
you ask nicely, I will respond in kind.
you cross my boundary's and you are on your own, cut off.
there is no way else to be.
so that is today.


Tempo said...

Hmm, sounds like an 'interesting' place. Some of our outback towns have those numbers when it comes to pubs, and usually a reputation for fighting that goes with it...but at least here its not so cold that you cant take it outside.

Adorabibble said...

it is I was talking to someone who moved out of here(anchorage) last year and they said they missed it but not that stuff.
I was running off rowdy drunks off of the back step and J told me to stop, that he would do it. he didn't want me to get hurt. they are not predictable, but if you are polite it works out best.