Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I know this blog has taken an unexpected turn.
it may sound like it is bad, well it is. it is good too.
this is where I come to bitch about things.

I don't do pushy people. AT ALL.

I am trying to rent an property. that is what I do.
besides daily minor miracles.
I have one property in a really swank area.
I mainly do this because most of it is computer work. most of it.
there is the part I hate. phone calls, and dealing with pushy people that have to have it now.
only thing is it doesn't work with me.
there is a certain type of person I am looking for.
laid back, non pushy, people who are willing to work with you.
I have 4 other tenants in the building that I have to make happy.
people have to be quite, clean, responsible, and have great credit(not my idea, it is what the owner of the building wants) (he wants to make sure that they will not trash the place)
people are calling me 6 times a day, the same person. "I know I called and bugged you yesterday BUT..." I have 1/2 a dozen people doing this, all female.
one called and said. "HI my name is ________ and I am a psychologist, please call me back about the property." what a is she going to give the property therapy?
really now.
she is not the only one.
unfortunately she is the medium right now.
I block there phone # and they call from another phone.
so eventually I have to tell them, "you are being pushy, and that won't work. when I have an open appt I will call you back. if I don't call back then I have rented it."
I won't call back. EVER.
actually I just called her and the other and was as rude as humanly possible.
petty, I know. it felt really good.
have a bad mood? spread it around,

not nice huh?
when people behave badly around me, I tend to get really pissed.
I HAVE to behave. think that the same bullshit will work with me? nope.
get in line, take a number, get a clue.
My pain level is through the roof today. my hair hurts, my teeth hurt, what doesn't hurt? not much.
I do like what I do when I don't have to deal with complete idiots.
so for now I wade through what is coming in, and hope that soon the right person comes along. I will know them when I talk to them.
it may not be still Fucken February. it sure feels like it.

now as to the love I have been getting from my followers that comment, thanks!
I am having my rough times, I am pissed, I have every right to be.
if I don't get this out safely I will hurt myself.
I always do.
so this is the place that I have to vent. my choice.
it will be rough to read, it is hell to feel it.
this is not a happy shiny place any more.
read if you want but the disclaimer reads like this:
ugly and putrid, welcome to the shit that sits in my head and is killing me slowly.
it will not be fun, it might be funny. it will be raw and like an open sore that you are picking at even though you know better. this is the shit that I torture myself with, that leaves me with no hair and open wounds on my body, cause I can't stop tearing at my self. None is actively abusing me but me. there are assholes, and if you give it you will get it in spades, good or bad.
you have been warned.

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