Tuesday, March 22, 2011

okay, fine.

I have been really sick the last couple of days.
not my usual pain and crap, no I couldn't get that lucky.
stuck in bed barely able to walk to the bathroom at the end of my bed.
we went down on the elavil, 7 days ago.
so I have just been hiding, reading and sleeping when I could.
I am just bone weary tired, and everything hurts, but when doesn't it?
so same shit different day.
you may all carry on as you were!
I will just be here puking from drug withdrawals. why am I even on these meds?
cause the stupid dr's put me on them, because that is what our health system does.
blink, I got a pill for that, your cold? got a pill for that. your fat? lets cut you apart.
I have lost allot of weight recently. 70+lbs.
I got some new clothes, 2 people told me "god have you lost weight?"
guys are starting to notice me as a woman.
and that is the last thing I want.
see my soul not the hole.
I know TMI!? well then don't read.
I want to be seen as a person.
it wont always happen but what the fuck?
I am going to take off my new clothes put something very slovenly and go on with my life.
that is all! thanks for reading.

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