Monday, October 12, 2009


I have been on medications or meds, for 25 years, as long as I have been a Mental health patient.
what I am about to show you is my pills for the day (one day) three pill cups.

some are my Dr. prescribed medications ( the ones in the blister packs )

the rest are supplements that I take (AND YES ALL MY DR'S KNOW WHAT ALL I AM TAKING, THANKS!!!)

all of those go together for 3 cups of meds a day for a week. I make them in 2 parts, 4 days worth, then the last 3 days. it is hard to keep more than that straight. I used to do it all myself, then I started making mistakes so now the pharmacy helps some and makes the blister packs, and I do the rest.
I have 16 medications that I take on a regular basis. Not even close to the maximum I have over the years. at my highest I was taking 64 different meds a day.
most are for my mental health, and to make sure I sleep.
I have horrible nightmares from being tortured as a child, in more ways than most of you can even imagine.
I wasn't a drug addict for the fun of it. ;o)

the supplements are to help even out the damage that the meds incur, and to cover what they don't do. I have nerve pain that isn't being addressed by my dr's as I get really bad reactions when I take the medicines. losing your mind is less painful.

yes I am fat. I am working on it. I have a gym membership where I start swimming tomorrow.(had my post op exam and got cleared for 3 weeks out (tomorrow) to start back up.

take this how ever you want....

it is sick and I am sick from it. I am sick of it. Not proud, just doing the best I can to live my life and deal with my problems, I am proud of that.





Anonymous said...

I just know you're gonna kick me for this... Do you rattle when you walk? I kid my mother with this, she always replies, only when I run; she can't.


Adorabibble said...

why yes I do!
and if I don't have something significant in my tummy then it all comes back up and I can't afford to have that happen. and if I don't drink a TON of water I get wicked hiccups.
I don't run I power waddle!

I wouldn't kick you, I get honest opinions from you, and that is what matters to me most. HONESTY.
I have plenty of people that are paid VERY WELL to lie to me. they are called DR"S!

You actually inspired this post so thanks AV!
love and fishy fishes Adora.

Anonymous said...

Power waddle??? That's awesome!

Reminds me of the joke from high school, "My Momma's so big she rolls her own tampons and kick starts Boeings at the airport in the mornings"


Robot Nine said...

Wow, I have to take three pills in the morn and three at night for a digestive gripe, and I hate it. I do admire your fortitude and sense of humor dealing with the crap of life.
I would love to post thes images of all those pills on Robot Nine if you don't mind. With a link to you or no link if you prefer.
I just posted the Blue Angels pix, good looking post. Thanks. With a link back to you of course.

Adorabibble said...

Av I love it, though I don't need tampons any more!
You are too funny friend!

Adorabibble said...

Sure Robotnine, whatever ya want to do.

of course Alan... I am trying to get my self together to take my morning and afternoon, as it is now noon and I have to play catch up. I have a meal of pills to get down here goes.... 2 mouth fulls!
gag a maggot.
well that was lunch, I'm off to swim!