Friday, March 27, 2009

12 questions- by Jesse @

Jesse, at the art of Jesse, had these 12 ?'s and he answered the and asked for other to answer the ?'s honestly, so these are my answers, check out his sit for his. he is a very talented artist and a great guy!

1. Do I eat meat?

Rarely, I have one of many allergies to meat. beef is the worst for me followed by chicken, turkey, eggs, and then pork. I love fish and seafood. I eat allot of veggies. Some soy but it messes with my body functions.

2. What do I value most?

My life~ for the longest time I did what I could to end it, next time it won't be an attempt.
My friends, all of them! I love them all they are my family. and my partner J. I owe him my life. the nice thing is that is not why I stay with him, I stay cause I love him.
My connection with my Otherness..
the force that runs the universe, and all the things that I see and know.

3. What is my favorite color?

I love all colors, my favorites are blue, purple and currently RED!

4. Who is my favorite artist?

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
– Dr. Seuss
he is my favorite and always has been.

5. What do I absolutely hate.

EXperts, dr's, therapists, pharmacies,
smokers, scary people, Meanies.
I am crazy, not stupid, not retarded.
example: I was in the local mental hospital and I am a BIG woman and I was seated on a couch with this other male patient, we were waiting to go to breakfast and he kept going on "your fat, I can't believe how fat you are, you are so fat" after a couple of minutes of this I leaned over and whispered to him, "yes I am, and you know what it is contagious." and then I touched his leg and said "tag" he started to scream, and he wouldn't stop. so I just sat there as they hauled him off to the quiet room for a date with 4 points and IM Thorazine. and all of the time I am just sitting there with a flat affect. waiting for my breakfast. I am working on not taking advantage of those who make themselves fair game.

6. Am I GAY?

I am Bi, I have had a husband and a wife. they left me and when they did they ended up together (two people who deserve each other more I have never known) last ex was a shemale. my current love is very stable, well adjusted and wild in bed. I have never been happier. I just don't believe that one person can fulfill all of another's needs. we have an open relationship (still the other has to agree and can participate if all are willing)

7. Am I working on any art projects for a show?

I don't do shows~! I have volunteer projects, I just finished cross stitching the whole alphabet upper and lower case. they will then be turned into 52 bookmarks for literacy prizes for children that read through our public libraries. I also volunteer as a teacher, teaching 2 classes, one at my therapy place and another at an adult daycare for disabled adults.

8. Where can you see my art and poetry?

on my blog
there is not only art but musing of my life, my current issue that i am working on, things I find amusing, or irritating, and just general stuff.

9. How can we get Adorabibble to volunteer for your cause?

Well I am in the process of looking into cloning myself, cause I am paper thin and exhausted.

10. What is my favorite drink?

Water, cause it is water but also tea, coffee, juice, or anything else you want it to be. current favorite! water with lime in it.

11. What is my favorite music?

New wave/punk 80's stuff~ to many to list!

12. Who is my favorite friend?

the ones who accept me for who I am and love me anyways!