Sunday, March 15, 2009

when was the last time you had GAS pains?!?

About an hour ago, I have a pain on my right side under my ribs where my Gallbladder is.
pain is not the word, something in side has ruptured, or I am dying, or something. I can't even breathe in. I am ignoring it and I can't. Rather than run to the ER like an idiot (which I would of been) I called the dr on call. I can barely talk to my info out, the really nice dr. talks to me. I am scared at this point the Hypochondriac is taking over and I am thinking it is my gallbladder. so we talk some and it becomes easier to breath, she said she thought it could be gas, Then I burped, The biggest longest burp of memory, we both start to laugh as the pain is subsiding. she tells me to get some gas-X. I thank her. I get off the phone and call J. he goes to the store and gets me gas-X ice cream and flowers
I have been eating better, more veggies. take last nights dinner. spinach, onions, basil. mushroom ravioli, with olive oil and some cheese and bacon(not much). all throw in one big pan and bake.
lots of fiber both soluble and insoluble. more veggies in my diet mean one thing... PAIN!
So 1 gas-X ultra, 1 pint of ben & jerry's, and several hundred burps later I am going to live.
Hey I am so smart!
thanks for reading!