Friday, March 13, 2009


well it has been a full moon.
And they say I am schizophrenic.
I haven't been able to sleep well for days at night when the moon is out in force.
I have a roommate well I have a bunch of them (15 male roommates to be exact)
One of them has skin cancer, The *good* kind the dr said.
Is there a Good Kind of cancer?
Well I talked to him the day after the biopsy, and what I told J. was that he has cancer and this is not a good place to be doing Chemo. this is before the results were back.
he has had a woman following him around wringing her hands.
and only I can see her. well I told him cause she wouldn't leave me alone. I described her to him.
He asked some questions, and a light went on in his eyes and he said AH! and that he had to think about it.
I don't care who she is to him, she has left me the hell alone. that is what i wanted
I have always been able to see things, know things.
and that is why they put me on medication.
they tell me that I am crazy.
I am having problems. can't talk to my dr's they will commit me. I am not crazy.
I am intuitive. I am scared and I am lost.
Wtf now?
there is some one in town that I could see for $225. an hour.
Oh, and I shit gold to... If I had that kind of money I wouldn't live in the frozen north.
I live month to month on disability, (at least i Have that, which is more than most!)
that is 1/4 of my monthly income. and he is going to want to see me for more than an hour!
what now?
what to do!