Saturday, March 7, 2009

I watched The Watchmen!!!!!

it was so cool. I took My guest Nappy (Napoleon Dynamite) from

The movie was awesome! (I was the *WEIRD* lady with the doll.!)
I was so excited, that between Nappy and me telling everybody about Nappy and his parka/kuspuk, and being in the theater and everything. by the time we found our seats I had worked myself into an asthma attack! (I have an inhaler which I used) so I was gacked on albuterol, had to take a Klonapin!
So those mean people at the theater wouldn't let me take pictures, on threat of taking my brand new camera! All I wanted was one of Nappy in his seat eating his popcorn, (which by the way he ate his weight in the little piggie! we also shared a sandwich and water, which J. packed so I would get gacked on movie theater food and sugar)(J. didn't go, which was okay he didn't want to put a damper on my joy!)
so the movie was everything I hoped. they did leave out key things in my opinion, but allot of the dialog was from the comic it's self. the ending was what I had a major problem with,
it happened the way it was supposed to, but it didn't.
Just like "V is for Vendetta"
If ya want to know you have to see it. it still worked out but wasn't the comics version.
Now the movie was 165 minutes that is 2:45 minutes long. there is not much more they could of put into the movie without it needing intermission for potty relief.
it was stunning, and Dr. Manhattan penis did have a major role. as did Silk Specters tiny titties( what wonders the wonder-bra does), and Night Owls, and Manhattan's ass too.
very violent, very sexual.
What good Graphic novel isn't?

I was cranky when picked up, fell sleep on the car ride home, and was fussily put down for a nap.
I had a big day and a huge adrenaline rush, and the adrenaline hangover today! that is why Nappy missed the start of the 2009 Idiotrod, (Iditarod- the doggies sled race)
it was slick and crowded and cold.
So Nappy has a date with the cave troll Jeremiah tonight as I am out of commission, at the Alaska wild berry theater to see his 17 year old brother dance around in tights doing the private school's(that his brother goes to) rendition of "a mid summer nights dream".
Jeremiah has Nappy and the new camera! he will bring both of then back safe.
I know this for a fact.
he understands.
and will take care of then as if they were his own nuts, (cause they are)
And no losing or getting wet or leaving behind, of either.
See Jeremiah hasn't had children yet and still wants to!
Seriously, all of my friends are so excited that Nappy is here and they have all offered to help which is awesome as one day out kills me for a bit.
So there you have it.
sorry if I wouldn't give details.
I hate it when someone spoils it for me.

Bottom line read the comic. see the movie. make your own review.
After all that is what life is about? living.
it is not having some one else tell you what you think, feel.
Do your own singing, have your own sex, and live your own life.
It was cool though.
love and fishy fishes,