Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I hate people (the stupid ones!)

ski boots
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Date: 2009-03-24, 4:09PM AKDT

I have a pair of mens size 12 down hill ski boots.
I didn't use them for skiing, they are in good shape? well they look to be.
please leave a number in your response, no number no response!
As is, at your own risk! 10,000 ?'s don't bother. ski boots, FREE!!!!
will not leave outside, hold for a week(I want these gone asap), and don't leave a phone # that you won't answer.
Why is it so hard to give something away?

I posted this ad today on craigslist, in Alaska, Why I still deal with craigslist? most of the time the people I deal with aren't too stupid to live.
well not today!
The ski boots, I had gotten them as I am part owner in a inversion Table. I personally will not get on it. (well I have once) and it scared the shit out of me. and it hurts the top of your feet, and shims, as that is where it is holding on to your when you are on your head...
so my bright idea ... SKI BOOTS!!!
great idea except for the fact that they make you foot to big to fit into the place that holds your feet!
So I am giving them away!
I do that allot, so much so that other people give me nice stuff to find homes for.
Now all of us could take them to one of the charities, that resells things.

(hint I hate those places, Why? when you go in there, and find something brand new in the box never been opened, and the original price is 19.99 and there price is 24.99. or you find say 3 rolls of edging tape (the kind that goes at the molding of the ceiling of a room for decoration) and one is 2. another is 4, and the 3rd is 8.50. and they are all the same except for the price)
when they are a chain store, with corporate hierarchy, and it is all about the money... that I have a huge problem. now there are a # of great charities around, and I rotate through them with good, But the senior center doesn't (in my vast opinion) need ski boots, neither does the womens prison, or the pregnant woman rehab center. so I put them on craigslist. First mistake. then Freedom finds my ad and emails me this:
Uh...can I stop by and try these on? What color are they? Are they
padded? Will you touch my feet for me when I try them on? Or, can I
touch yours? How about you modeling them for me?


I told her that she knew where my feet where and she could touch then anytime she liked, as long as we are in the same state.

Stellar ending to a big FU from the universe today!
I have had one of those days.
they happen now and then to every one of us.
One of those days that makes the rest seem like you have everything figured out.
well hopefully it will be a while before I have another if not I will roll with it. ACK!!!!

thanks for reading....