Tuesday, March 3, 2009

EUREKA! Ladies! Now you too can pee like a man!!!

This nifty new product is geared for women, any woman!
it is medical grade silicone. And with some practice, Ladies, you can now pee like a guy!
I bought a 3 pack of theses, handy dandy neato things!
I kept one for myself, gave the other two to very active women who spend allot of times in the Alaskan backwoods. I told freedom about this product and she HAD to have one.
they are reusable and hygienic, and very easy to use. (they recommend practicing in the shower first, to get a hang of the seal) see the link attached
if you have it attached properly no matter how full you bladder is it will work well.
it comes with a bag to store it in and tissue to wipe with.
no matter what your size this will work well.
no more peeing on your shoe, or baring your ass to the elements.
and now I am going to learn to write my name in the snow!
You Go-Girl! I'm gonna!