Friday, March 27, 2009

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hey maybe this isn't your kind of thing, I feel that until all can get married it is a slap in the face, but on the other hand business in this economy is still business.
I subscribe to this site. I subscribe to allot of gay sites. When I leave Alaska(please soon) to move to the lower 48, I will look for a place that has a *large GLBT* group. place with bigger communities of people with these values tend to be more tolerant and open.
No Bachelorette Parties Allowed

A gay bar seems like the perfect place for a straight girl to have her bachelorette party. They’ll get great music, fabulous cocktails and wall-to-wall hot, sweaty and shirtless boys who run absolutely no risk of putting the moves on them. And the gays should love it too, right? Well what about the fact that the young ladies are celebrating one thing that’s actually denied the rest of the patrons…marriage?

Picture it: a woman in a veil, flashing a diamond engagement ring, surrounded by her best friends who party for hours. Sensing that the scenarios flaunt inequality in the face of gay guests, some Chicago bars have changed their policies to a firm “no bachelorette parties allowed”. One Chicago gay bar, Cocktail, went so far as to publish a written statement about their stance:

“Until same-sex marriage is legal everywhere and same-sex couples are allowed the rights as every heterosexual couple worldwide, we simply do not think it's fair or just for a female bride-to-be to celebrate her upcoming nuptials here at Cocktail. We are entitled to an opinion, this is ours."

Bar owner Geno Zaharakis loves hosting the groups of women but made the decision to exclude bachelorette parties “because not everybody can get married, watching them celebrate, it's such a slap in the face. Prop 8 just reopened the wound." Women are of course still welcome in the bars, the owners just want to avoid any situations that could rub homosexuals faces in the irony.

What do you think? Is barring the bachelorette parties valid and just being sensitive to the feelings of the majority clientèle, or is excluding the women the very same kind of discrimination we are fighting to end?

Source: Chicago Tribune

(Photo: Getty Images)

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