Monday, February 8, 2010

followers, valentines and such!

lets address them as we go.
followers. I have 23. for a little over a year i guess that is fine. I have some quality followers. I have had more and they have left over time, and ya know what?~ big whoop!
things happen things change.
I know people that have far more than I do.
if I pandered to the masses then I wouldn't be the lovable psychotic piranha teddy-bear playing on my mood swings, you all love.
I love that you guys read and respond.
I would still be doing this even if you didn't...
It's not that I don't love each and everyone of you personally!
The TRUTH... I blog for me, and sometimes my friends as I am doing now.

why do you guys and ladies and etc... blog?
is it for the fickle finger of fate followers?
for the uncooked butter-nut squash in my pants?
where the hell did that come from? oh that is the valentines blog part sorry.

what do you care of stupid Americans? (except the ones that send ya heavy fleece blankets at the hottest time of the year?)

I will follow you to the ends of the earth as long as you lead and I will keep the butter-nut squash warm, for your return!

and I will kick there butt if they are not nice to you!

now Valentines day day...
my other half farted and that sums it up, but I will go into further detail.
unless you buy into the commercial bullshit... WHY?
it had become worse than Christmas!
I will get the lilies and a dolly sans candy, and he got a R. Crumb book and a card.
WTF and ignore and trudge thru the rest of the year trying not to kill each other cause the magic has worn off.
LOOK you doodie heads, if you are lucky enough to have them after the magic has worn off and you actually like them (like and love are two very different things love is that warm feeling between you legs or where ever, like is being able to smile when the are standing next to you and fart!)
IF you are lucky enough to be in like cause it lasts a whole lot longer than love (that is why the valentine steak knives sets end up in each other) then count your blessings.
what it is all about, is when they bring you coffee and it is hot. when the leave the room cause they have to fart (even if they bring it back with them), holding you when you are crying and doing everything they can to get you to stop, cause they would rather rip out there own eyes than to see you sad. to helping you walk across the icy street, cause they CARE!
so it isn't all hot and heavy every single moment, thank god!
he is the first person I see when I wake up and the last when I go to sleep. and we don't even live in the same room. Thank god!
You know what i will be doing Valentines day?
stitching with old ladies, cause it is what I like.
nothing special, but oh so important, spending the day with the man I am in like with and hoping that the rest of my days are so lucky.
it isn't what you have it is what you do with it.
love and fishy fishes


Beth said...

I love this post, Bib. Er, I mean like it. No, I love it :) I don't know girl, sounds like love to me.

Adorabibble said...

It is, and it is the like that gets us through the days. love starts it and like keeps it going when the love fades, and flares.