Tuesday, February 2, 2010



I am now going to bed on a horrid day, i feel like shit all the cold products have alcohol and with the whoo hoo pill it would cause a very nasty reaction.
I can't take sudafed, or afrin, peel me off the ceiling with a spatula.
I have to use my asthma inhailer and that is bad enough.
All I want to do is cry and I am going now after I take my meds.
J is here and is going to take care of me.
he has my dr suess christmas hat between his butt cheeks(it will be washed), and my jingle bell beanie on his head.
I will laugh and cry.


Grgg said...

aww bibbie, sorry you had a sucky day - want a hug?

Adorabibble said...

yes, I hug would be awesome!
night sleep made the word much better!

Beth said...

hahahaha...it will be washed. you crack me up.

Adorabibble said...

Crack! hahahahahaha. he convinced me that it was fine and I am now wearing it on my head!