Sunday, February 14, 2010


I have had some quality sleep, oh boy the difference that makes.

My neighbor has had to have the woman banned from the building.
I refused to move as did he. I apologised due to my unhappy voice.
not cause I had to, because that is the kind of person I am.
it doesn't matter if i think I wasn't yelling, he did.

I have had some time to think. and meditate, I have gotten some really great advise from friends and the owner. he told me that the only one holding me back was me. I was pissed at that, cause he was right.
so that is what i have been thinking about. me.
and what I do to myself, and how it affects others.
people don't like it when I am unhappy, or worse.
for starters they have to deal with me and they love me.
and boy I don't make it easy.

so I have had yet another life lesson courtesy of my behaviour.

notice I didn't say anyone else's? ya know why?
I am the only one i can control. and i am not responsible for anyone other than me.
I am responsible to them and that is what i think being an adult is.
it sucks sometimes, others it is great.

the world looks allot better when I sleep.
love ya all happy valentines day!
love and fishy fishes,


Beth said...

Relieved to read that this BAD SHIT was resolved, but I don't understand why YOU would be asked to move! Because some dirtbag next door is screaming and lighting fires? Good to read that she was banned from the building. But still.

Glad you got some restorative rest. The world would be a better place, I think, if we all got a lot of (and were able to) sleep.

ps - Tom Waits is on the radio right now singing "I Don't Want to Grow Up."
(WFUV from da Bronx, baby!)
I am smiling right now.

Adorabibble said...

cause that is the way men think...
let's just solve the problem!

it is fucken February, oh god how I wish for march.

we like the same music and that makes me smile but so do you!

beth said...

I'm done with this snow. I want to see green. Hell, I just want to see dirt. What is Spring like in Alaska? Are you able to plant veggies?

(I'm listening to Leonard Cohen singing "Suzanne" right now....swoon)