Friday, February 19, 2010

you know it is bad...

When the Dr is telling you that percoset would be much better than vicodin, for the pain.
another ER visit, last night. after a UA and a pelvic exam, everything looked fine, just miserable pain, in my pelvic area. migraine like pain.
I hate percoset.
reminds me of other drugs, that I no longer take or do.
it helps the pain, but I feel sick, so I am cutting the pills in half.
Good news I am in the 450's in weight. so soon I will be in the cat-scan machine.
now I have to see a urologist, the dr thinks I have something wrong with my bladder.
that involves a scope in my bladder and a biopsy of the bladder walls.
at least I am closer to an answer, and the Dr didn't treat me as if I was crazy.
that felt really nice. it is not something I am used to.
they did mention therapy, but not because I am crazy.
to help me deal with the effects that chronic pain is causing like the worsening of my depression.
It is an unbelievable thing, being treated right. having someone care and want to try to find an answer instead of telling me to suffer and shut up.

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