Wednesday, February 10, 2010


no psych today, turn out I am not the only one losing my mind. Oh yes, it is FEBRUARY how could I of not seen it coming. every Feb it is like this except it is better this time, and I have extra halodol. TGOODNESS!
but moving heaven and earth I have an appt with a different Dr tomorrow at 2pm.
in 15 days I see mine.
the psych ER is backlogged, I found an option and didn't have sit for hours on end with a bunch of unstable people.
(have you ever heard of the herd mentality? well put a bunch of unstable not put well together people together, and you have a very bad thing)
I am very tired and had a BAD day. there is always tomorrow and march come soon.
I have a 3 day vacation coming up at the end of this month, I am looking forward to it.

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