Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I am a bitchy ray of gloom!

not only am I sick, I made a woman cry today.

I live in a roomimg house. I am the one that rents to my room-mates, I am the assistant to my boss.
I'm the fun one.
we rent to felons.(yes even the special kinds)
NP! I am a big girl with a Gestapo attitude.

A woman called today for her son an felon, he is 23 and has been out 3 months and lives at home. he has no job and she wanted to guarantee his rent.

why isn't he calling me?
he has no job.

I only talk to the people I rent to, no go betweens.

but she takes him out everyday job hunting.

is she going to be the one I have to deal with when spoiled mama's boy causes a problem, NO!
she is trying to get rid of her problem.

ma'am have you tried kitchen jobs or janitorial jobs?
Nope he doesn't do that.
he can't clean a toilet?
ma'am he is screwed!!

know what you do. take him down to the homeless shelter, kiss him goodbye and leave him there.
that will motivate him.
I am sorry I can help you.

she is crying at this point and I feel like the turd in the punch bowl...

now I feel even shittier.
I don't candy coat it. I call it as I see it.

and if that kid doesn't get some tough love soon, he will be a career criminal. already the worst of the worst as society sees it.
there ain't no sugar coating shit here folks.

I am the Bitchy Ray of Gloom!


Beth said...

I need you in my library to tell those kids to shut the hellza up and stop cutting their classes. I'm a softie.

ps - no dog fucking.

Adorabibble said...

dog fucking is mild compared to some of what people do to others...
not sharing.