Sunday, February 21, 2010

A message from my great friend Beth!

I'm done with this snow. I want to see green. Hell, I just want to see dirt. What is Spring like in Alaska? Are you able to plant veggies?

(I'm listening to Leonard Cohen singing "Suzanne" right now....swoon)

Spring... oh you mean breakup season!
we have 3 seasons Breakup, construction, and winter.
now construction season can be year round, most it happens when we have days of 20+hours of day light. it also happens when we have 4 hours of twilight.
winter is from sept/oct to april/may as we could get snow anytime. at the last minute and it can be 1/4 of an inch, to non sticking to 20 feet. currently we are in breakup with ice and water and dirty snow and temps in the early 30's, it will freeze again and we will get more snow...
may is when it heats up and from there it is anyone's guess. rain all summer, hot and sunny, mixture of both, or just in the 60's where I like it to stay, if not then it is cold showers. and hiding in an air conditioned room.
I hate clothes. my father grew up in a nudist colony, need less to say I loved being naked as a child and still do.
I don't grow things I mould them.
we have the best soil up here.
does me no good.
oh well.