Wednesday, July 28, 2010

what i did today or how bad can a person hurt?

I have IC/PBS. I have talked about it in some of my posts.
it hurts enough that I take meds for it.
part of my pain is that my bladder isn't as elastic or it is too stiff.
so when I had surgery in May the doctor stretched my bladder with liquid.
it hurt.
so along with stretching exercises and diet modifications I am now training my bladder.
"good bladder, sit, stay!"
what it means is I drink allot of liquid, and at scheduled times I get to pee.
and I try to make it as long as I can.
Imagine if you will, I have to pee, no I relax, and wait for it to pass.
did I mention it hurts?
and that my bladder hurts after it is emptied, it throbs like an abscessed tooth.
so I am also back in diaper's full time. in case I don't make it.
I haven't been drinking enough liquid.
I have today, OMGODDNESS!
so now to drink a ton of water before I go to bed!

so I went to the farmers market today. found some great stuff. it was expensive, so totally worth it.
The pictures will be on All you can stomach.
night all!


Tempo said...

Sorry to hear your problems Shan, hope the training goes well.
Love farmers markets, though we dont have many here. This area grows only wheat and sheep.

Adorabibble said...

It is Tempo!
and there was red sockeye salmon and halibut...

Beth said...

Keep you legs crossed, hop up and down, and get through this Bib! Gadzooks! Looking forward to your fab food posts :-) nominynomnom!!!

Adorabibble said...

Beth, love ya they will be soon.