Saturday, July 24, 2010

what is it with men?

or should I say little boys with grown up bodies?

now my latest tale of woe...

I rent rooms where I live. it is one of the reasons I keeping living in a male dominated environment. I get to pick the latest asshole...

I hope that they wont be an asshole but the latest one hasn't been here even 3 days and we are in to it.

once I rent the room they deal solely with my boss, the manager who is also my other half J. I have spoken about him here. they are told to lose my number and forget I exist, other than to stay away from me, if I choose to be friendly then it is solely on my terms.

so he calls me yesterday, I ignore it hoping that I don't have to play dragon. (ie fire breathing screaming bitch) he had J's # and finally called it, so business as usual. or so I thought. see I have caller id and call block. he calls this am and doesn't leave a message. still it shows that after J talked to him yesterday and retold him, he still didn't get it.
so J wakes me up to let me know what happened so I don't go ballistic.
he wanted to move a friend in with him. he was told when he moved it single occupancy only. with 16 rooms and 3 bathrooms we can't accommodate more than that.
so he is told to have his friend call me.

at this point they can all fuck off. I am being invaded and not happy. I tell his friend when he calls that under no circumstances will I rent to him as long as his friend is behaving badly, see there are still perks to living here that he has been cut off from with his rape like behaviour, and I DO NOT REWARD BAD BEHAVIOUR.
so asshole calls me back after I block his # and his friends.
I am on the phone with J. he comes down to deal with it. while he is on his way down I answer the phone, and give him the dragon. the J get on the phone and tells him a thing or 2.
and hangs up on him. shortly after he calls J's phone and says that he will never call me again, made some lame ass excuse and said he was sorry?
that he was sorry?
You have got to be fucken kidding me.

So now I am princess pissy pants and this is what I woke up for today?
needless to say I am in a steller mood.
I work on being a nice person, it is not easy for me. it is not what comes natural to me. the dragon does.

this is what I woke up today.
Why did I bother?


Tempo said...

Some people just dont listen...and others love pushing your buttons. Good luck with this one, he sounds like a dick.

Adorabibble said...

he is 21, and thinks he knows everything.
I should of say "What is it with the men I live with?"
he did call back J, and said 'I only called once, BUT, I am sorry I will never do it again'...
whatever that means...
that was how my day started and has continued.
one foot in front of the other and keep my head down...

Beth said...

oh, bib :)

Adorabibble said...

thanks Beth!