Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alaska life

"This is what my yard looks like at approximately 1015pm on a Saturday night!"
that is how that started this huge mass emails, and shock and bewilderment.

Alan (HEY!) mentioned it was a really nice photo and did she shoot it through the window, or use a special camera?
Knowing that Freedom's only working camera is on her very fancy cell phone I had to take a closer look at the picture. the following is what transpired.

+Oh and *update* on the moose picture, it was a bull one of 2, and she *petted* it on the nose, with only the bush between her, she said it was soft like a horses muzzle.
then she wanted to kiss it and then stab and eat it. She said it just up and ran away. She is working hard on becoming this years Darwin Award Recipient.
I told her at her wake we would serve moose.
People don't usually Brag about petting a moose, cause they don't live.

She also said that it wasn't going to come through the bush, that she was perfectly safe....

like hanging from a sky scraper buy single ply TP.

and there was no way that it would rear up and kick her with that HUGE bush between her and the moose, with a Second bull in sight. they just ran off and had gay moose sex.

And I am the crazy one???....


Chris's comment "ya only live once, why be careful...?"

Famous last Freedom words, "oh how cute, there is a big *bush* between us, Hey guys watch this....!"

We serious need to have a moose intervention.
she thinks she's at the petting zoo...

Freedom if you read this I love you, THAT WAS THE STUPIDEST THING YOU COULD HAVE DONE!!!!
Why not take up playing on the freeway in rush hour, or juggling running chain saws. it would be safer, and less painful.


P.s. she said she was safe cause she has been chased by moose before and she knows all of the warning signs. She doesn't understand why everyone is jumping her shit.

Moose are wild animals, and not safe to be around, they are coming into town due to cold, hunger and DESPERATION!
You never know who just hassled that moose. Moose kill. I am more afraid of a moose than *ANY* bear. bears will maul and eat you. Moose trample and kick and gore, and just very nasty way to go.+

Now poor Freedom was really upset that she was getting such a hard time. I don't blame her. when I do something comparable, I don't want to hear about it.
in telling this story to people in Alaska, I get mixed reactions. of from no way to oh I've petted a moose too.

being an almost life long Alaskan, I don't' know why I should be shocked. we are a bit different up here. From not being able to make it anywhere else, to too stupid to leave, to it's the most beautiful place to live. (I'm the too stupid to leave)
Being an Alaskan means being tough and crazy. Everyone that I love is.
most people have the sense that the first winter they run for the states or where ever they came from with there tail between there legs.
Some of us call it home. Hey our Governor Palin thinks Bono is the King of Ireland.

Freedom ended the discussion with she IS NOT STUPID, she is a collage graduate. (more than I am, I'm just a crazy person). she got told that the Jury is still out...

I do admire the hell out of her, she is a collage graduate, 10 or so years younger than I, 200lbs less at least, very pretty, very kind(she volunteers at the humane society) and VERY independent, and she can drive, has a car and a CDL.
If you see and talk to her ask her aboput the Great Escape of 2008, and how lucky she is, and the Aurora Borealis, and watching it on the hood of her car.

Bottom line I have great friends who are as crazy as I am, and not medicated. I love you guys.

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