Friday, January 30, 2009

oogie,ookie. icky

another therapy day this time more accomplished than just no fuse girl presenting open hostility. I was on pixie hollow tonight before The shut down for maintained service, and this really MEAN fairy said my goggles looked dumb, and I had already asked her to be my friend as I am a friendly fairy( I have allot of friends,) she said she had enough friends and didn't want to be mine. I should of lied and told mean fairy that tinker gave me my tinker goggles (she didn't) when I am being my tinker fairy I don't expect bossy boots, and meanies.
so I am sulking tonight hoping I sleep the night as I didn't yesterday.
I am Princess Crabby Pants.

Friends, please take time to take my quiz as to what kind of fairy talent are you?
It will be fun trust me.

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