Saturday, January 17, 2009

I never knew that your temperatures could change so much from such low to such high. I imagined that you would just have snow and cold temperatures in the winter. We do get freakish weather all around the globe but I really have learned something to day. W,J.

Amen, sister... N,P.

those are the comments so far to my climate change post.

Down in the states they are saying that Fairbanks, AK, which is aways north (I am on the coast of South Central AK, and Fairbanks is in the interior almost smack dab in the middle of AK.) had 90 degree temperature change....

YEAH!!!! Now as of Sunday, which is about 10 hrs away. we are suppose to get down to 5 to 30 degrees above. currently it is sunny and 38 degrees.
I just took 2 pictures and yes my windows are dirty. They are not getting cleaned till spring, and I am NOT doing it.
My room is HOT (southern exposure) and the air conditioning has been on twice today and is going on again now.
I HAVE BEEN IN AK ALL BUT 2 YEARS OF MY LIFE (THE FIRST 2). sorry cap lock and lazy.
My blood is thick, as a southern Dr. would say.
I hate the cold I hate the snow I hate the heat.
I just don't like anything.
Bite me.

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