Sunday, January 25, 2009

Why I hate Web MD

Web MD
Better Information,
Better Health


this IS *not* a good site. that's why there are dr's.
But these days dr's look at Web MD.
*Why did they go to school?*

Are you comfortable with *your* dr going on Web MD.

I am sure that I could go on Web MD and take my head ache (which is due to dehydration, due to my meds and cold weather)(try not drinking water for 6 hrs and living on soda or coffee and Not having a migraine, most problems and aches and pains can be contributed to poor diet and lack of water IE constipation!) and end up with a diagnosis of terminal illness like brain cancer.

I love that the world is better informed, But with a nation of Hypochondriacs, this is not good.
people either completely ignore there health or they are in a dr's office every week (if you have insurance ) or the ER. this takes time away from the people that need real health care, and have true aliments.
As a recovering Hypochondriac, I hate this site for the symptom checker. Now site I do like are med checkers like or

or support sites like

I believe in support and education NOT *self diagnosis*
even dr's don't treat themselves, they have a dr.
I am all for being healthy. I have not been for most of my life, and I am paying for that.
I have to be informed, and aware of my body, and I can't do that if I am all drugged up, as *EVERY* dr had a pill.
I have a cardiologist, a endocrinologist, a nephrologist, a neurologist, a PCP, sleep dr, and oby/gn, a dentist and oral surgeon, a psychiatrist and therapist, and an *acupuncturist*.

Wanna know which one I have faith in and do most of my listening to *the acupuncturist*.
Know why? cause she tells me to listen to my body. does things that work with my body, and is helping where western medicine has failed.
Now there are no quick answer and pills, there is lots of treatments with home care and lifestyle change, and chinese herbs. OMG *HARD WORK*
Don't pass out now. I did say no magic pills, wands or magic cures. *HARD WORK*
OMG I said it again, did you just faint? Go, go to Web MD and do a symptom check, that panic was stupidity and laziness.... OMG I just diagnosed you, I'm not a DR, I can get in trouble.
PssssT... Diagnosis or not You are screwed! people my size are the norm and getting more so. by the time I have worked my ass off literally, I will be a minority.
So eat that double whopper with cheese and don't forget to super size. that gastric bypass is just a dr visit away.
Psssst... My mother had one done in the late 1970 the predecessor to what we have now, and ya know what? She is still 300lbs. YEAH! it worked. She is 65 and shits herself regularly, doesn't digest any of her food as they completely unhooked her small intestines (which BTW are still in her body completely necrotic) and took most of her intestines out and what was left got hooked to the bottom of her stomach.
And *guess what*? she wants a lap band.
My mother is responsible for my formative years, and then I took all of the garbage and shit, and made my life out of it. we won't even go into the really sick stuff.
My mother wasn't happy unless she was seeing a dr, getting cut on or taking one of the 10,000 pills that she has.
Thank GOD I can remember her screams as she would go to the bathroom.
she has had screaming razor blade shits for 30 some odd years. (Folks nobody get away with anything)
I don't know how many years this totally psychotic woman has left, but they aren't happy years, they are screaming and shitting years.
It gives me some sense of comfort.
needless to say when she gets really sick I won't be the one to take care of her, like she took care of my dying grandmother. or will my brother as she has totally alienated him(fact is he is totally alien, Keep popping them out!)
My mother is totally alone a *CRIMINALLY* insane.
and some wonder how I have made it this far intact.
pssst... I am hanging by a thread, untangling the razorblades of my life, and trying to heal and have a life and keep the dr's from killing me.
Ya know what? The dr's tell me to do something, and don't tell anyone, I do the exact opposite!!!
then I go in to an appt and they say "oh you are doing so *good* what ever you are doing, keep it up!" then I tell them, and I become a difficult patient and they fire me.
they would prefer to keep me chronically ill, and a cash cow for them, then to see me health and make it. so to dr's and such and Web MD....
if I have to say what I am thinking them this message is lost on you. thanks so much for you participation.
And if you got it, take a hard look at your life and the system.
this is not a dress rehearsal, get out there and do what you body needs.
You can't try, you either do or don't, that's it.

this message brought to you by the letters *F *U *C *K *E *D

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