Thursday, January 22, 2009

get well soon

yes, I had most of my hair cut off. You want long hair YOU wear it.
I am bloated and feel like something ran me over, backed up ran me over again, dragged me 20 miles through broken glass shards, then fed me to pit bulls and Piranha's, took what was left put me in a h2SO4 bath, the everyone in the world took a collective toxic shit on me. do I need to be more elaborate?, nahhhhh.....

I am not feeling well, haven't for a while. so one of my lovely friends (Freedom!) sent me this link to cheer me up, and ya know what it did.

To quote her:
"Check this out:

Maybe this will help cheer you up because it's so absolutely absurd!"

I really love my friends, and considering that know where there are active anti abortion protesters, I would love to go ask them this ?. Nothing like pissing in someone's Cheerios.
Knowing me I would get arrested, for breaking one of there noses. I don't have a criminal record at all, and any violent thoughts are usually reserved for me alone, (Thank Family! You SUCK, and you know I know you do.) But I could see me popping one of those stupid bitches in the nose.
How DARE they tell me or any other woman what do do with our body.
the reason that women are oppressed, OTHER women, the ones that raised them (and me) that went along with the status quo.
Men don't keep us down(yes they started it to control the number of kids we would pop out for workers and furthering wealth for themselves) they couldn't of done it with out womens help.
Who raises the kids? the women or now TV, sometime a man(those kids are sometimes better).
I don't know what the answer over all is, I know what i am doing. breaking the cycle, in my life and for those around me. if I ever have a kid (god help me) it will be far better off than I was, shit if I gave it to piranha's, it would be better off than I was, at least it would die quick and serve some purpose other than a thing to torture. and to my siblings, Keep popping out more screwed up versions of our parents! YEAH!!!!

My horoscope to day said 1) if I owned scissors hide them (for the rest of you) and 2) that I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof.
Me I'm just sick and in a pissy mood. thanks for reading!

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