Thursday, January 29, 2009


representative image
Click for higher resolution image.Redoubt volcano

the hot pick line is Anchorage's fall out line.

Folks, we are in alert, as Mt Redoubt is making noise as to erupting


Anyone in AK remember Mt. Spurr in August of 1992?
Remember Mayor Fink telling us all to drive faster to dissipate the ash fallout?
I was living in Mountain view at the time throwing newspapers for the daily news.
We threw papers any ways. I was 22 and STUPID. and we were covered in ash.
The sulfuric smell was aweful.
who know what Redoubt wiil do. I am not looking forward to this.
just in case start taking precautions, if in south central AK.

thanks to Freedom for the heads up, who is excited and looking forward to it.

WTF? *sigh*

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