Wednesday, November 4, 2009

not food poisoning.. FLU

No I do NOT have Hamthrax.
I have the good old flu.
just like any other I have ever had.
being said I have a bowl of cut up yellow onions in my room.
good GOD do they stink.
they are supposed to kill germs.
they are killing me.

I have the 7 dwarfs of flu.
Achy, shitty, barfy, sharty, fever, death warmer over and cranky!
come be my friend and let me use your tooth brush.

brought to you by the letters F & U and the letters 9-1-1.

I am on self imposed house arrest.
I lost weight last week at the gym, this week from the flu.
someone told me that I was cheating this week!
come let me give you a big sloppy wet kiss!
this weeks weight I would rather lose at the gym instead of the toilet.

drinking plenty of liquids and broth nothing solid for 3 days.
where does all the shit come from if you haven't eaten in 3 days...
me at home with my bowl of onions.
I love you all!

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