Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tis the season...

okay fine....

lovely people are joining the blog with the rest of you wonderful readers.


now what?
I write for fun, I write when I am pissed or just because.
I try to lighten it up from time to time.
I have gotten hate mail... COOL!

All I have done today is check my email, and be on Blogger.
checking out friends blogs. leaving comments, moderating my own, and welcoming new members.
that is one thing I will not stop. readers are special.
even though this is for me, they come and put in there two cents.
I have been on for 3 hours now.
there is so much to read and do.

(AV~ I appreciate your time now with your stable of blogs.)

so what now, same old thing.

tis the season. they have been playing Christmas music since Oct 15th.
I am getting presents made and the list keeps growing of all the new wonderful people in my life outside the computer.

I am cooking for thanks giving...


I cook for 2 and I end up with food for 5. I am cooking for 5 and god knows what amount I will come up with. I am cheating on some of it.
they make boxes were everything is pre cooked and all you have to do is heat it up. so
we will be having: turkey, stuffing, mashed tatoes, gravy, rolls and cranberry, and pumpkin pie.
and a banana cream pie all that is pre made. just heat and serve so 4 maybe 5 hours.
then I will be making stuffed pork tender loin with homemade corn bread stuffin, new potatoes in Italian dressing, stuffed mushrooms with baked greens.
then a apple?pear? orange compote that I just thought up 2 or 3 days ago, and have to do a trial run of.

last time I did a much bigger to~do, I spent a week shopping and 2 1/2 weeks cooking.
I fed 20 people for 3 days. I had no help but J, everyone else bailed on me, and the day of I could barely move, so help GOT recruited.
one helper said "if I had know how much work this was..."
If I could of moved HE would of been Christmas dinner.
everyone got there plates and disappeared leaving me and J to clean up.
I swore never again.
I am feeding 5 and only those 5. they are the one's through out the year that help me consistently.

when begging bowls and sad faces come I am going to have to say "NO!"
even though that is not my nature.

I did not cook for that Christmas, or the next year at all. I am doing thanks giving. not Christmas. I hate the holiday and it's commercialism.

Oh and ebay wanted me to do a survey, due to closing my account with them.
I had 1000 word to tell them why, and I did. I didn't swear, not even once.
I did tell them exactly what I thought of them in no uncertain terms.
I am still BOYCOTTING them and I urge all of you to boycott them to.

happy holidays all!
thanks gentle reader!

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Anonymous said...

It takes me about three hours a day just to get round to all the blogs i like to keep up with. I don't always make all of them, but eventually I get there.