Tuesday, November 24, 2009


shopping today~OMG the people rude people!
pick up the turkey tomorrow had to get a fresh one( and much bigger) due to more people eating than planned at least 9 now.

prep today, cook all day tomorrow and all day Thursday.

I inhaled chlorinated pool water Saturday, and my sinus are shot. my lungs are good, but it is like having a force 10 head cold. I took a decongestant (which I hate) I can kinda breath.
so my sense of smell that I use to cook is shot to shit or snot to shit for that matter.. and my neighbour and his "friend" keep waking me up at night.
she was out at 4:15 am beating on my windows, Drunk! I have resorted to ear plugs but could still hear her. and when he comes in at 2 or 3 am from bingo he wakes me with the slamming of the door. I can't really heard it but I feel it and it jars me awake.

so no real sleep to say, on a decongestant (which make me naturally aggressive)
can't breath and just pissed, and I will be working with knives. we should have a lovely thanks giving if I don't decide to truss one of my stupid room-mates as Christmas dinner.

fucken stoopid people should not be let to breath!
oh well I will make the best of it.
did I mention that I am crazy with anger issues?

it will be lovely, I have been taking anger management, voluntarily.
I will behave pull off the meal and not cook for 2 more years.
that is how long it took this time. I did a much bigger scale last time ALL my help bailed, and on the day of the meal, one of my asshole room-mates made the comment that "if he had known how much work it was he ...???" that's when I started screaming, and if I could of moved I would of killed him. as a result he is not part of this years or any other's festivities.

he has gotten the idea over the last two years of how lucky he is that murder is a punishable offence. and how hard I have worked to have a life.

thank god I can vent!

well off to the kitchen.
love you all.

and AV I am sorry you are so hot, it is right around -1C right now 30 ish degrees
I wish I had some of your heat my face is killing me, my TN hates the cold.
hang in there buddy and have a cold one for me.


Anonymous said...

Consider it did... the cold one, that is.


Adorabibble said...

yeah hope the prickly heat is better!

Beth said...

Hahaha!!! Your comment about working with knives made me laugh. Hope it was all tasty!

Adorabibble said...

it was great then I got really sick and I am now better. thanks for stopping by