Sunday, November 15, 2009

If you love dogs, you’ve got to check this out:

He did everything I could think to ask ~J
did nothing I asked him, but then I was asking different ?'s
pee on the carpet, chase your tail, destroy a cushion. knock over the lamp. puke. shit on the carpet

not a very smart dog!~me

Did you ask it to kiss? ~J

yes and that was way gross, it did play dead but didn't stay dead. wouldn't hump the couch leg/ cushion ~me

this is the conversation between me and my other half J.

this is a picture of him. he hates pictures. I laugh and call him geezer boy.
he is 15 1/2 years older than I, and the sexiest man I know. he makes me laugh.

we did the conversation via email.

he get all this stuff from really old little ladies. that is most of the funniest stuff That gets on my blog.

I see the little yorkie rat terror an all I can think of is, piss on the carpet?

apparently it rolls over and all of that crap.
nothing fun.
so go and see what you can get the little yappy fuck to do.
total waste of time in my book but who knows?
I am a cat person myself. I loves catses.

KITTYY!!!! and they run for there dear life.


Anonymous said...


LOL LOL that is like a cool tostada with extra queso and lechuga loca! lol laughing out loud....

I like the purple shirt....



Adorabibble said...

He is a very regal man.
allot of our conversations go like that.
he said you could have the purple shirt, he was not thrilled about being on the blog...
we did just have a discussion about making honest people of each other...
a commitment ceremony.
So how did I pop the ? you ask.
I asked him if he wanted to get commited with me...
he laughed so hard that he was beet red.

he says now he will have nightmares of me chasing him with a straight jacket, saying
" I should of done the tread mill with her, crazy woman is gaining!"
as long as we have adjoining rooms. with a lockable door in-between I am good.

sad thing is we can't get married, not legally. they will take 1/2 of my money away...
oh well I have been married before, and it sucked the high hard one.

I would like to be Mrs,...
but I already have the part.
oh well...

Beth said...

As long as you love each other and get committed (haha!) you don't need no stinkin paper, girl!

Adorabibble said...

thanks! I have all that matters... his love!