Saturday, February 19, 2011

And the stalker of the year goes to...

My ex crack head neighbor, who is still my neighbor for how long, we don't know.
he is in a seriously bad down ward spiral.
he isn't using to my knowledge, but he is till very sick.
first time someone does something wrong it is happen stance.
second time is coincidence.
third time is enemy action.
we are at three. two was this summer when I was trying to get him help and out of a hole that he and his drug use had put him in, first time was when he crossed my boundaries when he first moved in.
so what happened for three?
he is being sexually inappropriate with me.
he is fixated with me.
why? because I am nice to him. I worry if he is taking care of himself. he is old, diabetic, and takes piss poor care of himself. and now his sanity is slipping.
I have been around deranged people ALL of my life, bat shit crazy people.
so I know crazy when I see it.
aren't I a bitch when someone is being inappropriate and crossing my boundaries?
how else am I going to get through to him?
I'm not. he doesn't listen to me. he doesn't know me. I have told him until I am blue in the face and screaming at him. I have cried, I have had others talk with him. all to know avail.
This is my safe place. so I will do this here.
I am not a victim. I will not be sexually objectified.
I am a person and I will not be abused.
I will defend myself physically if I am threatened.
I will not start the fight but I will finish it.
I will not be raped again by someone who pretends to be my friend.

So what will happen? I have no idea I am not a mind reader.
I do know some things, cause, it is the way it is.
he is on unemployment, he told me that he will be extended for 2 years.
bull shit, then what? or that he will get his job back? they let you go so that you would have sometime to think about things. personally, you did NOT do what they asked or you would have your job. she is pissed you spent your raise on crack.
no place will hire you. you burn your bridges, badly.
there are other mitigating circumstances as to why you are unemployable.
Get help!
as long as you can pay your rent, and stay away from me you will live here.
minute you can't pay you rent you will leave, as that is the way it is with everyone.
no money = no place to live.
you will be back on the street and end up dying in jail.
I tried to tell you this a month ago when we all sat down and tried to reason with you. you weren't listening then and still aren't.
as to what you said to me on Wednesday in the kitchen, when you were doing a job for me." that everyone has to have someone and since I was taken, you were dealing with Lynn cause everyone has to have someone, and How I didn't understand you at all." you were trying to pick a fight with me, and I would not play. I would not argue with you. you got so pissed that you would not take lunch from me, that I offered cause I know you are not eating right and taking care of yourself.
then you sent me 2 emails. one where you did work, EVEN though I told you if it was NOT authorized by me, you would not be paid. You weren't, you volunteered. I am not paying you.
I had to have someone fix your half ass job. I paid them.
as to the weird "bones" lost love thing.
I am not interested in you in that way at all, never have been. it is all in your imagination, what ever you have built up between you and me, it DOES NOT EXIST.
I have J. I am marring him. how much more don't you get it?
I wanted to be your friend, I tried to be your friend. nothing more.
You are acting like a GIANT horses ass.
reality is a hard thing, and you are going to hit that soon.
I have come to terms with the fact that you will not be here much longer.
You will end up using, and die or go to jail. You don't take care of yourself.
I wish it was different and you would get you head out of your ass.
you show no signs of that and actually look like you are losing what mind you have left.

so this is how it will be. I am tired of others having to stand up to my problems.
you do not talk to me for the remainder of you stay here.
you will not call, email or in other way contact me.
I will not let you implode in your self destructive bull shit in my area.
you are on your own, and you have your actions to thank for that.
YOUR ACTIONS. or lack of them in all the wrong areas.
this is it, we are done.

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