Sunday, February 27, 2011

dear diary!

that is funny. cause that is what this has turned into.
where I can put my thoughts and deal with things in there own time.
I am really stressed out right now.
things going on in daily life, and people that suck.
it will work it's self out, always does.

How many people have to end up getting hurt by others?

well I am off for a book and a nap.
later I will go to the gym and swim.
did you know how much I love water?

my mother did do a few good things for me. she taught me how to swim.
she just threw me in the water, either I was going to drown, or learn to swim.
fortunately I float like an otter.
it is a natural thing for me.
while showers are traumatic, and so are baths. swimming is okay.
ALWAYS wear goggles. the minute I hit the wet room they go on and stay there the whole time until I am dressed and safe.
goggles are my armour. goggles allow me to take a shower with out puking.
too many bad experiences in the shower and in baths. boy was my mother creative in her torture methods.
I am like a big aquatic mammal. dangerous on land, deadly in the water.
I have been teaching myself to do an Olympic turns.
you are in a breast stroke, you come to the lane end and you dive under and turn your self around and kick off the end of the pool and go right back into breast stroke.
I get it turned around but it works.
that is the other thing that I have to thanks my mother for.
she figured out that I was dyslexic at 2 years old.
she had me in slinger-land training at 3.
it retrains the brain.
so those are some of the gifts she gave me.
I will go into further gifts, in future posts.
maybe TMI time, so read at your own risk.


Beth said...

"dangerous on land. deadly in water." How I love you, Bib!

Adorabibble said...

love you too.