Saturday, February 26, 2011


finally after 2 days I was able to sleep.
I am awake. I think. yeah, I am. I hurt, so I must be awake.
feeling better. CT took me around yesterday, after I wore J out.
went to Zanna's house, and lost it.
I Started hysterical laughing/crying. and could not stop.
it is something that I have started doing, well I did it before for time to time but not like this. this is something that started happening after I saw the acupuncturist this summer, he hit something and it was like the flood gates opened.
twice this month I have done this. well it is Fucken February.
still going off of medication, and losing weight.
YEAH for me!
I think it is how I am preventing rapid mood swings.
I am doing this, and I am getting a weeks, or month worth of emotions out at once.
so my over all moods are better.

So other than embarrassment, of completely losing it. I am fine.


Tempo said...

Sounds like whatever it is, it's good for you Shan..

Adorabibble said...

it is working. I am not so emotional all the time :).

Beth said...

Yeah for you, indeed! laughing/crying does more good than meds. Norhing wrong with that at all, and a foot massage while in a sad/happy state of mind is THE best medicine! I always gave my docs the evil cross sign whenever meds were brought into the conversation. Let reality be your high, Bib! and without our lows, we would take the highs for granted. I ramble. forgive. Do and feel what's right for you. Listen to your body. It's much more intimate with itself than any doctor, lawyer, indian chief :-)

Adorabibble said...

thanks Beth.