Thursday, February 10, 2011

Clothes out of the dryer...

Being relegated to role of caretaker due to illness is a big job. I am tired, really tired and it will be an early night, Like right after this post.....

so I am getting laundry done (well actually CT is doing the stairs, and loading and unload and helping me put them away. My clothes are bigger than most. and it takes 4 loads to do a minimum of laundry so that I Have clean ones...:P

so He brings up my clothes, and they are hot from the dryer... AWWWWWW! hot clean clothes!
One of my most favorite things, EVER. I am very spoiled, and I remember that I am loved.

My grandmother smelled like Downey fabric softener, brandy, cigarettes, and white ginger perfume.
Laundry was a magic thing, pop in dirty wet clothes and you get hot clean one back.
one of my favorite past times, is watch the dryer go round and round at the laundry mat.
better than TV.

so here are to the days where hot clothes come out of the dryer, remembering my grandmother who I miss most of all.

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Tempo said...

The simple pleasures of life...theyre the ones we remember best and miss the most.