Friday, February 20, 2009

And the last of what I have to show for today!

I play on pixie hollow, as a fairy. this is my home for the winter.
I also get on the family site and they have a craft section. they teach you how to make 'flower fairies' these are my flower fairies in various stages some with wings some still needing. the ones with wings only need there silk flower dresses. I have yet to make a trip to my shop next door to get my silk flowers. and as to silk flowers, I make head wreaths. that is what the pictures are of also. those are the tiny ribbon roses. I also make then with all size and color silk flowers. they can be ornamental like the one on the picture or for real use as I do. (I wear them with my butterfly wings and my masks that PJ made me.) not only am I a fairy on the computer, I am in one in real life!
love and fishes,