Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gemini~ My horoscope for the next couple of days!

This is my horoscope for the day. I subscribe to this and I believe in it and other things along the lines, so welcome to my Gemini world!

Rose-Colored Glasses
Mercury Sextile Neptune
Feb 13, 2009 to Feb 15, 2009

Anything more important than what to order for take-out or what to watch while you're eating it should definitely be put on hold. Remember that, especially if you're in the company of someone who's good at making you forget. No major decisions are to be made for at least 48 hours.

love Love
Venus Square Mars
Feb 12, 2009 to Feb 15, 2009

The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and you're in love. Definitely. Well, congratulations. Just in case you're not quite sure, somewhere in the back of your fragrant, pink, smoke-filled brain, however, arrange for a prenup. And don't let Elvis do the ceremony. He's dead, you know.

energy Energy
Mars Quincunx Mars
Feb 13, 2009 to Feb 16, 2009

Much as you'd like to simply let your opponent know in no uncertain terms that they're playing with fire, your innate sense of fairness won't let you do it -- fortunately.

career Career
Sun Quincunx Pluto
Feb 12, 2009 to Feb 13, 2009

Heaven help anyone who challenges you or questions your judgment -- because they'll need it. They can run, but they can't hide. Not forever.

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