Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nappy's kuspuk/parka

that is the pattern that I had to make due to the fact they don't have kuspuks ND's size. (Barbie probably has one, but ND is far too cool for that nonsense)
so I made one I conferred with Michele at
she was so helpful. so that is what color it is going to be. and the pattern is cut out. it is laying on the fabric it's self to show the color and pattern it is a tie dye green polar fleece so it will be warm with a parka type hood.
I hope he will like it.

And a shout out to Charli who has him right now! I know he is having a great time!


A Quilting Journey said...

You're doing a fantastic job! I knew you had the skills to create a pattern and this is so good! It's hilarious to see such a tiny one and I'm anxious to see the final outfit. Mr. Napoleon is just going to be dynamite! (sorry, I couldn't help myself) As for you, you've come a long, long way. I'm proud of gives each of us different unimaginable challenges and no one can know how hard you've had to walk this journey. Keep footstep, one day at a time. Good luck with that kuspuk and send me a finished photo!!! Michele

Adorabibble said...

Michele! thanks for stopping by!
You were the reason I figured it out. I can sew. and not half bad. not any where near the seamstress you are (Ive looked at your blog!)
I knew I could do it, Just getting it down sized was the challenge. I used as pattern paper cross stitch graph paper .10 to an inch. and Alan sent me an out line of Nappy and all the measurements. I am also cheating with polar fleece.
and ya know what it worked!
Thanks for the kind comments. I am just another human trying to make my way in the world with what I have. Some have more than others. it's not the problem but how you solve it. I will keep you posted! thanks so much Adora!