Friday, February 20, 2009

My crossstitch

I am a member of the local chapter of the EGA. Arctic needle workers, is what we call ourselves. this is my second year as a member.
We have a outreach section of our group. Our volunteer efforts or our causes. one of our members Jen Funk Webber is a cross stitch designer.
Stitching for Literacy
2009 Bookmark Challenge
that is what I am doing. last year and the year before it was an Ambigram of the word read. it was lovely and I stitched 1/2 a dozen of them. we did this at the municipal libraries, and it was a bunch of us from the Guild teaching lots of kids both big and small. Needless to say keeping most kids still for more than 1/2 an hour is impossible, so with deliberation from all Jen set work to do the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet for this years Stitching for Literacy. I am stitching these (the whole alphabet upper and lower) for this so that there are examples, and when that is done I hope to have all the letters made into bookmarks, to give the children as prizes for reading. I have done a, A- m, M I will be starting on n, N today! all of the floss and Aida (the cloth has been donated and I am donating my time)
I feel it is a worthy cause. one of many that I participate in.
Finding something like this isn't difficult, and a spare few minutes here and there really effect others. What have you done for YOUR world today?
love and fishes