Saturday, February 21, 2009

A mask I made

I made this mask, what I mean by that is I bought it when it was bisque, I painted it, and had it fired. I then went and bought the feather and sparkles, and rocks(it is a chain of small black rocks) and added everything but the hooks to hold the chain. I took it to a jeweler friend and she added the hooks and Then I added the chain. and that is how I ended up with the finished product. J. has it and wont relinquish it. he loves it that much so I gave it to him. why fight with him?, he has good taste.
we are arguing how to display it. I say that it should mount on to the wall thru the eyes(as I saw it originally), and he wants to hang it. problem being there would have to be more screws or brackets glued to it. so we are discussing a plate hanger. (I think it need to be hung from the wall, so does he. we are arguing how, even though I gave it to him it is still my art and I would like to see it how it was in my head at least once, before I let him do what he wants with it.)
*SIGH* update he is making it so I can see it the way I had seen it. FYI it didn't work, so plate hanger for now it goes.
I saw the whole thing in my head, the finished product, before I even ever put on drop of paint on it. somethings are just like that either you see it or you don't, or you see it and it doesn't work out. I saw the pimento vase before in my head but it turned out nothing like what I saw. it still worked.
then there is I didn't see it and it just took a direction and worked.
over all the best I like is the I saw it and it the finished product matches what I saw.
they are all great. that is the process. it just lifts my self esteem when I can get it out of my head and into something I recognize. Everyone is an artist, it just takes different shapes. Art isn't just art, it is everything.
thanks for reading!
love and fishes