Saturday, February 7, 2009


There is such a things as kindness for kindness sake.
I call it the Karma pool.

I have a thing for babies as I have never carried a child to term. my clock is dead and I am living with the fact that I will never have a natural child, My mother took that ability from me at a young age due to the abusive things she did to me.
Water under the bridge, working on it, that's why I am in therapy. (OOK)

So I am great at acquiring, and redistribution of things. a habit used for good from the days when I used it for bad.
So when people need things, they come to me, cause 1) I can usually find it and 2) I find it fast and usually for free.
This brings me to babies.
I have allot of friends in recovery (actually all of my friends, it tends to improve life span if everyone is on the same sober page!)

And people are always getting pregnant.
well One of my best friends is a sponsor, a very wonderful woman. She was there for me when I was first clean, she was leading a 12 step group when I was in the hospital after my last attempt and 3 days clean. I was sweaty and sick and miserable. and she looked at me and knew and she gave me a hug. nobody would touch me. I was such a mess. it was like a cool drink of water in the middle of the death valley. I couldn't detox at detox as they thought I would die on the way back in to the hospital, so i did it where they could keep me alive, and I didn't have the luxury of benzo's to help me as that was one of the many things that I was withdrawing from.

So this wonderful woman has a new sponsee who is 3 weeks out from delivering and has nothing. so I am finding stuff and having great success, but that is not the point of this. nor is an at-a-girl for me. I get back what I put in. it doesn't matter if anyone knows. What matters is I do it.
I can't do anything about Africa, or the world. I can though for my world and my corner of it.
Think about what it is that you could do to help?
- donate time or goods to a homeless shelter,
- an abused womens shelter,
- a prison( you could be a pen pal, or donate goods to a womens prison (the one up here is always needing yarn fabric etc)
- to your local senior center,
- to the hospital they are always needing books and appropriate magazines,
- be a companion to a mentally ill person, or senior citizen, or a big brother/big sister to a kid.
- donate to a food bank.
- recycle, there are sites such as
there are all kinds of things that can be done that take little to no time but make the world a better place.
write your senator about Presidents Obama's stimulus package, and that you support it.

the world is a better place one person at a time.
What have you done today to save the world?
what would you do to save yourself?
think about what you would need in a time of crisis.
We all suffer from the same condition- BEING HUMAN!
Get off your butt and help make YOUR world a better one!
we are all we have.

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