Friday, February 20, 2009

A challenge!

Argentum Vulgaris of Nether Region of The Earth II has a challenge of a Meme for me as I challenged him with the letter T!

The rules according to AV:(as this is his game!)
"The rules are simple, list ten things about you, or that you like beginning with your letter, linking the Meme back to me and invite people to participate by leaving a comment."

My letter, gentle reader is... W. (the crowd roars!)

1)Window. window's come in all places the walls, into worlds or the soul. the eyes they say are window's to the soul. first thing I look at when I see or meet a person. It will tell you volumes, about the person. My other half J. always looks at womens eyes first too. and his friends used to give him shit. he said he was "trying to see the soul, and not just the hole"
that is why he is my other half. it doesn't matter what you look like what matters is what is in side, the most beautiful package can be rotten inside, and vice versa.

2)Warm. I can be very warm. both physically and verbally,etc. The people that hang around me would prefer me to be warm and loving as the alternative. Ice Queen from hell.

3)Wail. I cry allot. as I have a ton of things to deal with. this usually occurs while I am being the Ice Queen from hell. the sound brings grown men to the knees.

4)Wamble. Weebles Wobble but they don't fall down. When I take my meds at night, I wamble everywhere I go. I have to keep care where my feet are and where I am. I can't afford to have a broken hip. I would be dead.

5)Worry. I worry about everything, anything and all. I have the guilt of a Catholic without being one. How arrogant and self centered. as If, I can make everything better when I am a train wreck!

6)Water. I am a water baby. I get in water (a pool or such) and I turn into a guppy. I have been swimming as long as I can remember I have never been scared of it. I am Gemini, a air spirit. in other cultures I am a oak tree. I love water, go fig?

7)Witch. I come from witch women, Irish witch women. I have probably been burned at the stake or some other nicety in a previous life. It is the one thing in this life that is holding me back as I am not in touch with it well. I have always known and seen things all of my life and I have been tortured, medicated and abused for it. I can see auras I have had what I have seen verified with a aura camera. I know things about people I have never met, that astonish people that know them. I can tell when someone is lying to me, (their color changes). I talk to my dead grandmother, she is more fun than she was in life, as she is free of that particular pain.
I have been so distant from it all of my life and I am working to hone it. it is not easy. it is like walking again, after being paralyzed. I am a practicing hearth witch. with my herbs and teas and strange things. through my cooking and healing, it is coming through.

8)Waffler. If you ask me a yes or no ? you will get a ten minute dissertation, and if you want a long answer you will get a yes or a no. J. thinks I would make a awesome politician.

9)Warped. My sense of humor is warped. I have Shannonism's "it is in my pockets, the left or the right" "I haven't seen you since the last time I saw you" And the Freddie Kruger movies are funny. I will start laughing hysterically, at the *most* inappropriate times. I am silly and I have been working so hard to connect my inner terror with my outer terror. I look forward to see where it will end up.

10)Waggish or Waggery. Which got me into this in the first place, Argentum Vulgaris of Nether Region of The Earth II and his waggery, got me into this waggish behavior. Thanks AV!

So there you have it, I'm glad he didn't give me J or X as he took it easy on my noob butt.
This is a fun thing to do. visit AV, and challenge him, or give me one? Or I can give you one.
So far the letters taken that I know of are Q,A,T,& W. have a great one!
thanks for reading,
love and fishes,