Thursday, February 5, 2009

Q~Why am I up at 4:30AM, you ask?

Oh beloved reader, why might you ask I am up this late/early?
Not cause I'm on pixie hollow... they had maintenance from 9:50pm to 1am AST.
I actually was sleeping I went to bed at 11:00 pm.

(ya know it really helps when I have my sleeping pills and it doesn't take 10 business days to get them refilled when the ANP psych provider said that they were fine. But no, she passes them on to the nurse, who I have talked to and is as useless as a bag snot, FYI, You are payed to do your job do it, don't pass it off to an idiot, then you are both idiots! From now on I have to sit on her to make sure she does it right. You know what is sad? when you have been in the system longer than your provider has been alive and I'm not 40 yet. WTF!)


so I'm sleeping, and so was most of the building.
This drunk skank (we call them sewer trouts up here) is banging on all the windows on the back side of the building mine and my neighbors. and considering that we are on the second floor how in the *BLEEP* does she keep navigating the stairs? but she does, not once, or twice but three times... first at 1am, the last at 4am and the middle somewhere in between.
She wants in to see her friend.
It is 1am I am not answering the door at 1am in Scareview,~ home of the ghetto grocery store.
(which by the way Santa won't even visit, he landed a couple of years back in the parking lot (which is less than a block from where I am), and he made the mistake of saying HO, HO, HO! the "HO's" jumped his sled and he had to fight them off, he barely made it out alive)
So I call the dude in charge, My partner, and he gets out there the first time and 5 of us including him are awake, (ABRUPTLY)
J. wants to know who her 'friend' is? she won't tell and is told to go away and never come back...
same thing the next time, and at 4 am to.
so after making sure I am okay for the 3rd time tonight, he leaves my place and who does he see just standing outside the door? sewer trout! finally she admits that it is my next door neighbor N. and J. knocks on N's door and reads him the riot act(not a fun thing, J puffs himself up and I swear to god he is 10ft high and screaming) and N. finally admits it. but he has only seen her once.
(little hint here. she's a hooker, and probably a crack head, and he is her uncle, at least that is how all of the rest refer to him. see in the villages up here everyone is related by blood or marriage. we may be a huge state, we only have a couple of people per mile. look at the picture at the beginning of the blog, ignore ANWR, thanks!)
N. will take them next door where the shops are, (for the native carvers, being that he is one himself) and when caught with a known crack whore, he wanted to show her his *carvings*...
when asked(because they are threatened all the time with having the bathroom next door shut down due to boot socks condoms and tampons being flush and flooding down stairs) N. said "I never flushed no boot sock!"
I was in between nightmares and having just strange dreams(which is very lovely for me, seriously. give me 10 million strange to 1000 nightmares as opposed to the other way around)
Well my PTSD has kicked in and I can't sleep as I am expecting her again.
(WTF) she is seriously drunk and can navigate 16 stairs up and down 3X. I can't even navigate stairs and I no longer use.
hey, when N. and the hooker/nieces are going at it up here, (he has his bed against one of the bathroom walls) so some of us go in there and bang back, you should see the hooker/nieces run. like 45 seconds later they are hauling ass out the door at a dead run, if they can. well at least the young ones.
I am freaked and in fight or flight response, this only happens a couple of times a year. but when they do they all happen together. I will be here 4 years in May. last year it was in the same month, only couple days apart. I am hoping that this years quota is done.
Oh Well,
I hope pixie hollow is up, cause there is nothing on TV but church stuff and with Tammy Fae gone the shows are boring, to many capped teeth and helmet hair. hey, we had a local TV preacher ( he was Baptist African American) (1980'ish) - The Rabbit - (unfortunately not any more) Every time he talked, giving his sermon his nose would twitch like a rabbits while eating, it was so much fun to watch. he would scream and holler about the devil, nose twitching the whole time.
I think I got some days out of hell for watching him and his sermon and got them back for laughing at him!
He was great, and he was filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ, while channeling a giant rabbit!
all the fun ones have disappeared or are dead.
it is 5:40 am and I would like to be sleeping.

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